Unfortunately, disputes over alimony, child support, and child custody do not always end with the entry of a final divorce judgment.  We are mindful that litigation should be a last resort. 

But sometimes push comes to shove and you need the legal wherewithal to enforce or defend your hard won settlement agreement or court order and to protect your rights and those of your children. 

As a high-stakes litigators, Richard Mockler and Angela Leiner know the ins and outs of civil procedure and Florida enforcement law.  You can expect Richard and Angela to understand the judicial mechanisms available to ensure full compliance with agreements and court orders, and to be equally familiar the defenses available to any action for contempt or enforcement.

The Court’s contempt powers, including incarceration, are only available under certain circumstances. Rely on experienced attorneys to know when contempt is a proper remedy.
— Angela L. Leiner, Shareholder

When a settlement agreement or court order entitles you to custody or support, you have the right to enforce it if your former spouse (or other party) is not in full compliance.   Florida law offers a number of enforcement mechanisms, including the ability to seize assets, foreclosure on real property, or seek an order holding your former spouse in civil or criminal contempt of court which can include jail time. 

We are experienced in all types of enforcement proceedings, including enforcing or defending against (i) overdue child support payments; (ii) spousal support orders; and (iii) compliance with custody, visitation, and parenting plans.

If you have an issue regarding enforcement of court orders, we are just a phone call away.
— Richard J. Mockler, Shareholder

What We've Achieved

  • Successfully obtained writ of bodily attachment in criminal contempt case for parental kidnapping

  • Successfully obtained writ of bodily attachment in criminal contempt case for non-payment of alimony and child support

  • Obtained a contempt order and sanctions against a federal civil litigation attorney.

  • Obtained writs of bodily attachment against non-compliant parties.

  • Successfully defended contempt actions over various parenting issues.

  • Brought contempt action and successfully resolved parenting dispute where mother made numerous unilateral decisions.

  • Successfully defended criminal contempt action for non-payment of alimony on technical grounds obtaining a complete denial of the contempt motion

  • Successfully brought contempt action where mother withheld time-sharing from active duty servicemember.

  • Obtained criminal contempt order against parent ignoring time-sharing order.

  • Brought enforcement action where former husband constantly called and harassed former wife.

  • Successfully resolved numerous contempt actions involving non-payment of support