At Mockler Leiner Law, P.A., our greatest skill is listening.  And, when it is appropriate, we are not afraid to ask hard questions.  We help resolve the difficult cases.  We are on call when people have serious problems.

Our Mission for Mediation

You need a smart mediator who understands your situation.  Our mediation work is the majority of our practice.

We are skilled mediators who listen to the stakeholders, understand the issues, and focus on finding a resolution.  We are always learning, so that our knowledge and settlement strategies are on the cutting edge of divorce and family law.  While other lawyers dabble in mediation, our primary practice is mediating disputes, and our passion and experience serves our clients well.  We love helping people resolve conflicts, and every day we strive to do our best for our clients.  Your divorce or family law case is too important to be mediated by somebody does it part-time.

We are not afraid to dig into the facts of a messy situation. We take the difficult cases. We do not place our emphasis on simple, easy, and uncontested matters. We are on call when people have serious problems.
— Richard J. Mockler

Issues to Mediate

If you have questions concerning the right mediator for your case, contact us or call (813) 331-5699 to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

Our Prior Experience in the Courtroom

  • We have represented numerous attorneys and their spouses, including cases where the attorney's law practice was valued as part of the divorce.

  • We have represented servicemembers from every branch of the United States Armed Forces, including general officers, dozens of field grade officers, Marine Corps drill instructors, First Sergeants, special forces, Security Forces, Navy Seals, and disabled veterans. We are equally proud to represent servicemember spouses.

  • We have represented numerous well-known Tampa Bay area business owners and their spouses.

  • We have worked on cases involving professional athletes and celebrities.

  • We have represented a variety of healthcare professionals, including all types physicians, healthcare business owners, dentists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and nurses.

  • We have worked to set aside final judgments under a variety of circumstances, including fraud, duress, coercion, and improper default final judgments.

  • We have handled a number of international divorce cases, including cases with parties from Germany, Japan, and the Middle East.

  • We also handle divorce and family law cases that involve separate civil claims and business litigation claims, including claims for fraud, negligence, battery, intentional infliction of emotion distress, civil theft, and other matters.