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In Florida, there is a presumption that a child born to (or conceived by) a married couple is the child of both parents.  That presumption, however, is not absolute.  Moreover, for a child born out of wedlock there is no legal presumption of fatherhood. 

Whether you are seeking to establish paternity or defending against it, you need experienced lawyers who will protect your rights.  A finding of paternity has life-long consequences for you and your child.  A paternity case is an initial child custody determination and establishes a parenting plan that governs access to the child.  The paternity case also imposes continuing obligations on the parents to provide financial support for the child.

A dispute over paternity is nothing short of Judgment Day for all parties involved.   You want somebody by your side who cares about the outcome and knows how to fight for the best interest of the child. 

Richard Mockler and Angela Leiner know how to approach a paternity case, whether representing the mother or the father.  We can help you protect your interests and get the achieve the results that are right for you and your child.

If you or someone you care about is facing a paternity case, our attorneys can help find an effective strategy. Contact us today at (813) 331-5699 to speak with one of our experienced child custody attorneys.

Every year, more children are born out of outside of marriage. Paternity cases are the fastest growing area of litigation in Florida family court. In many cases, the parties never lived together. In others, they were not even in a relationship. A paternity case frequently requires a different approach than a divorce.
— Richard J. Mockler

What We've Achieved

  • Secured equal time-sharing for fathers who had not been allowed to see their children.

  • Successfully secured supervised time-sharing in custody case where father had a drug problem and mental health issues.

  • Secured equal parental rights for mother who temporarily lost custody of her child.

  • Secured equal rights for father where mother denied paternity and gave the child her new boyfriend's last name.

  • Represented parents in paternity cases involving relocation requests

  • Secured long-distance time-sharing for military father in paternity case

  • Successfully brought paternity action for father accused of domestic violence